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Brian's Taskforce

Community activism combined with charitable giving.


My 10-foot steel potato cannon

Pushing the limits of potato gun technology...


Communication and relationships in captive bonobos

Do apes use communication to manage their social relationships?


Briarpatch App: Share and Follow Bookmarks

Briarpatch is like Twitter, but for bookmarks. It allows you to follow your friends bookmarks and the bookmarks of interesting people.


Temp and CO2 correlation over the last 800k years

just testing mailform gem



Task tracking software for geographically distributed fleet


Learning in nest construction in birds

For my PhD, I worked under the supervision of Dr Sue Healy, funded by The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland. My research focused on the role of cognition in nest construction in birds. Nest building behaviour is extremely widespread, yet the role cognitive processes such as learning may play in it are unknown. I investigated the role of learning and experience in a number of aspects of building behaviour.


Response Time

Want to check the response time from your server by the easiest way? Prove to customers that your site it's okay! Show how long your site responds!


Dance Life

I was away from it for a while but slowly and surely I have incorporated dance back into my life.


Try to get up early every day.

Well, lots of people say it is better to get up early and sleep early. I don't want to waste much time on social network websites and other time wasting things, but would like to have a regular life and read some more book. If I sleep early and get up early for a consistent week, what reward am I going to get for myself?


Manifoldz App: Spatial Link Mapping

This is just a little experiment with D3.js. I wanted to make a system for people to arrange links based on spatial categories.


Sprocket App: Neighborhood Demographics

Sprocket lets you check out the demographics related to a particular neighborhood by just entering an address.






Sudoku Wiz

App available in the windows phone marketplace. Used Computer vision and C++ native code to train neural-net OCR logic for reading sudoku puzzles from photos and offering high-speed solutions/hints. This is one of the first apps in the windows phone marketplace to successfully integrate the OpenCV C++ library into windows phone runtime.

A GIT remote extension for integrating with TFS as a remote repository.



TFS Pivot viewer

Navigate your population of TFS work items with the power of silverlight pivot viewer and deep zoom