Communication and relationships in captive bonobos

Do apes use communication to manage their social relationships?


Bonobo Analytics

Discovering patterns of association within the bonobo gesture database using chord and spring micrographs


R projects on Github

Projects in R based on statistical analysis and visualizations for my thesis

A workshop series to introduce psych postgrads to different skills and methods pertinent to graduate studies


Population Biology of Damselflies

I spent 15 months in Sweden studying the blue-tailed damselfly and the effects of temperature on female color-morph ratios.


Crayfish tail-flip behavior

I studied the behavior of crayfish in Burt Lake, Michigan, through the Research Education for Undergraduates program at the University of Michigan Biological Station.


Damselfly Volunteer Project

For the 2009 field season I organized a volunteer program for university students interested in damselfly research.


Indian Dance Performances

Over the past couple of years I have been learning and performing indian dance in both St. Andrews, Scotland, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.