Built on top of the ELMAH platform, this library extends the way ELMAH reacts to errors ELMAH itself does a wonderful job with detailed unobtrusive logging. The ElmahExtensions give tighter control over special conditions on how to react to specific errors using conditions and actions.


Sudoku Wiz

App available in the windows phone marketplace. Used Computer vision and C++ native code to train neural-net OCR logic for reading sudoku puzzles from photos and offering high-speed solutions/hints. This is one of the first apps in the windows phone marketplace to successfully integrate the OpenCV C++ library into windows phone runtime.


SharePoint GWE

A lightweight eventreceiver-driven alternative to the windows workflow engine for SharePoint


TFS Pivot viewer

Navigate your population of TFS work items with the power of silverlight pivot viewer and deep zoom



Task tracking software for geographically distributed fleet

A GIT remote extension for integrating with TFS as a remote repository.


NServiceBus Facade

A starter implementation for facade with NServiceBus-Backed ESB

A fluent data access ORM styled after the IBatis design