Bonobo Analytics



Discovering patterns of association within the bonobo gesture database using chord and spring micrographs

Project Description:

I've created this site for the purpose of exploring the social connections between the bonobos I observed at the Milwaukee Zoo. To begin, you can click on "Graph the Whole Bonobo Sphere" to see who talks to whom in the bonobo community (there is both a spring and chord graph option). To take the visuals a step further, you can also view the communication partners of a particular bonobo- you can either view who she talks to (i.e. using the "Signaller Targeted Graph") or who talks to her (i.e. using the "Recipient Targeted Graph"). Within those two categories are more specifications such as selecting which Gesture or Action you would like to focus on for a particular target bonobo. Finally, if you would like to visualize the uses of a particular gesture or action, you can do that at the bottom of the page, under the heading "Build Custom Chord Micrographs".

Main Languages and Technologies

Mysql bonobo gesture Php Jquery D3

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Other Interesting Things About This Project:

With a large data set with many different behavioural categories, I thought it would be fruitful to explore the data visually. I received a lot of help from Damian Sowers.