Pyschology Postgraduate Workshop Series


A workshop series to introduce psych postgrads to different skills and methods pertinent to graduate studies

Project Description:

As the postgraduate representative for the school of psychology I've been organizing monthly workshops for my fellow postgrads. The first seminar was on how the Reserach Excellence Framework works. Professor Gillian Brown is organizing the school's REF submission and she spent an hour telling a few of us postgrads how the system works, what's changed from the old system and how the funding gets decided. The second seminar was on Science Communication as presented by Dr. Catherine Cross. Dr. Cross studies the evolution of human behaviour with special focus on sexual selection. She has been actively communicating her research to the general public over the last couple of years and has started the Bright Club of St. Andrews (stand up comedy done by scientists!). The third workshop was on Baysian statistics as presented by Dr. Tom Morgan. Baysian statistical theory has been around long enough that it is starting to make its way into the mainstream- and we junior scientists need to know about it! Tom uses baysian statistics regularly in his research and is happy to spread the word. The forth work shop was on how to use Google Sketchup. Dr. David Stevenson gave a 2-hour workshop getting us up and running with the software and capable of building virtual 3D spaces. We are planning on building a 3D scanner for the department so we can incorporate organic features into our 3D skechups!

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