Bonobo Analytics

Discovering patterns of association within the bonobo gesture database using chord and spring micrographs


Manifoldz App: Spatial Link Mapping

This is just a little experiment with D3.js. I wanted to make a system for people to arrange links based on spatial categories.

Project timeline Project name: Project on PHP application development Project critical side: Arrising problem in problem: Problem solve: project backup, refferace and link: Project statics:


Sprocket App: Neighborhood Demographics

Sprocket lets you check out the demographics related to a particular neighborhood by just entering an address.


Get Wise Legalize

The beginning conceptual outline of an application for networking people who believe in legalizing cannabis in the United States of America.


Mycelial App: One place for all of your projects

Post and promote your various projects on your mycelial page.


PHP MySqL student result- query login

Php mysql student result view, password, secrect code and query login form. admin pannel for result entry

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Wordpress Woocommerce development

Theme development, Plugings, Cart, Payment method, Shipping, Products gallery, etc.


Natural Mood Boosting Supplement


Codeigniter project

Project on Codeigniter Contact form buildup

Project on Bootstap template design and other resources design

This project is an attempt to marry voice-based systems (Siri) with restaurant review sites like Zomato.

Just a test


Sindulge Promo

System to allow people to signup and share promotions with friends

A GIT remote extension for integrating with TFS as a remote repository.

this is a test