Modern data infrastructure
for AI at the Edge

Mycelial’s Edge data platform keeps devices in sync with minimal engineering effort

Replace MQTT and messy data toolchains with a local-first solution

Mycelial is a fully featured product designed for real-world environments, not just a spec

Native Encryption

Encryption in motion comes standard with Mycelial, reducing effort on security measures

Data Types

Mycelial transforms incoming data streams into a meaningful, usable state


Mycelial adjusts to network pressure and allows redundant routers, so no data is lost

Quality of Service (QoS)

By requiring peers to acknowledge data receipt, Mycelial guarantees delivery


Mycelial clients wait to reconnect if they can't access a router, ensuring data integrity

Simplified Access Control

With role-based access control (RBAC), Mycelial drastically simplifies permissions

That’s where you’ll find us.

Powering the most challenging real-world applications

Case studies

“Mycelial is the smart choice for moving critical data between AI-enabled field assets - in the air, on land, and at sea.”

Capt. John McGunnigle (Ret.)
Chief Technology Officer
Spear AI

“With Mycelial’s declarative pipelines, teams can forget about the huge burden of ensuring every app can decode messages for any other.”

Abby Kearns
Fmr. CTO

“Breaking silos, accelerating and streamlining development and delivery of Edge and IoT solutions - this is what is needed.”

Yuri Gubin
Chief Innovation Officer

What is Mycelial?

Learn how we’re reinventing data streaming and sync