We’re building the future of Edge AI data infrastructure

Michael Tanenbaum
Co-Founder & CEO

Michael began his career as a data engineer at the World Bank, discovering just how tricky data-at-scale can be. Most recently, Michael was Principal Solutions Engineer and head of the AI/ML practice at Mesosphere/D2iQ, where he co-led SIG On-Prem in the Kubeflow Project.

Perry Wilson
Co-Founder & CSO

Perry’s passion for Edge AI/ML came from witnessing its transformative potential for accessibility. His interest in data logistics sprang from interacting with thousands of Edge devices, yet never once seeing the inside of a Data Center. Prior to Mycelial, he worked for Lesley Stahl and got really, really into asking questions.

Joseph Rosenberg

Starting as an engineer at Microsoft working on Outlook, Joseph has seen first hand how powerful offline first capabilities and Edge computing can be, when coupled with the right interstitial mechanisms.  He previously worked with Michael as the Head of Product at Hippo.

James Moore
Principal Instructor

James discovered the joy of software development while submerged hundreds of feet deep in the Pacific ocean. He liked it so much, he left his career as Navy Nuclear Submariner to learn everything he could about creating software. Currently he's the Principal Instructor at Mycelial.


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