Wherever your Edge
 takes you, Mycelial is there

Powering the most challenging real-world applications

Mycelial handles data for AI at the Edge

AI at the Edge requires robust data flows that work offline. Find out how Mycelial makes it easy.

As devices are tasked to operate with greater autonomy, Mycelial is there to support advanced use cases

Connected Industry

Mycelial enables forward-thinking manufacturers to keep their factories online even when they're offline, synchronize data from the edge, and identify issues before they occur.


Mycelial enables fleet managers to see up-to-date data regardless of their fleet’s connection. For assets that are disconnected Mycelial provides out-of-the-box support for secure data mules.

Aerospace & Defense

Mycelial empowers Aerospace and Defense contractors to more easily move data between assets, improve autonomy, and decision more effectively.


Mycelial enables utility companies and energy infrastructure managers to centralize their data, perform predictive maintenance, and apply learnings to the field.


Mycelial powers the data movement, connectivity, and autonomy needed when working on and below our seas.

Environmental Monitoring

Mycelial ensures consistent monitoring no matter the network in agriculture, cold chain, and other challenging environments