Automate your data pipelines and set engineering free

Mycelial just works, where you need it most

Install and configure Mycelial in minutes

Mycelial Client

Installs in a single command and moves your data from Edge to Edge to Cloud

Mycelial Server

Provides a UI for engineers to visually set up data pipelines

Mycelial Catalog

Mycelial Catalog gives engineers a set of plug-and play models for local AI/ML

Leverage existing data tools and proven technologies

Built 100% in Rust
  • Kafka-like speeds in an 11MB binary
  • Unparalleled Memory Safety
  • Future-Proofing and Scalability
Declarative Data Workflows
  • Know SQL? You already know Mycelial
  • Better Visibility
  • Version controlled pipelines
Apache Arrow
  • Blazing-Fast Data Processing
  • Seamless Integrations
  • Cost-Efficient Scalability

Let Mycelial handle all of your networking

Mycelial handles device messaging and state reconciliation regardless of protocol or network conditions. When data updates occur, Mycelial intelligently distributes them to every node in your ecosystem.