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Automated Machine Learning Training with Autodistill

One of the big challenges with computer vision machine learning projects is performing training. Why is it challenging? Because historically it's been a very manual process thats time consuming and costly, but I've got some good news for you. You might be able to automate your training process with a new tool called Autodistill. Checkout this video to learn more.

Object detection without training using Grounding Dino

Historically the cost of performing computer vision training has been expensive and often prohibitive but with Grounding Dino, you might be able to skip the training step. Watch this video to see how Grounding Dino, a Zero Shot Object Detector, performs object detection without custom training.

Object Detection Training For Beginners

There are many interesting things you can do with computer vision, including detecting custom objects. In this video, we look at how to train a computer vision algorithm YOLOv8 to detect custom items.

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SQLite for beginners: JSON

Did you know that you can store and manipulate JSON in SQLite? Watch this video to learn more about how and when to use JSON in SQLite.

SQLite for beginners: Extensions

SQLite may lack some features of other databases, but it can be effectively extended to meet specific needs. Watch this video to learn more.

SQLite for beginners: Indexes, beyond the basics

If you want to level up your database skills, the area you should probably focus on first is Indexes. So, are you familiar with the various types of indexes you can create? Check out this video to learn more.

SQLite for beginners: Vacuuming

To free up unused disk space in SQLite, you need to vacuum your database. Watch this video to learn more.

SQLite for beginners: Full Text Search

SQLite has an extension called FTS5, which provides full-text search capabilities to your SQLite database. So, how do you use the full-text search features in SQLite? Watch this short video to learn more.

SQLite for beginners: Fixing Slow Queries

Did you know that SQLite offers profiling tools to help you identify the cause of slow queries? There's even a tool that suggests indexes you should add to improve a query's performance. Watch this video to learn more.

SQLite for beginners: Datatypes

Datatypes in SQLite are handled differently than pretty much every other popular relational database. How is it different? Well, SQLite uses a flexible, dynamic type system, whereas the other popular relational databases use a strict, static type system. What does this mean to developers? Watch this video to learn more.

SQLite for beginners: Journal Modes

SQLite is simple to use but has crucial configurations, such as the journal_mode option, which we'll explore in this video.

SQLite and the N+1 (no) problem

If you use a client/server based database (Postgres, MySQL etc) with tools like Object-Relational Mapper (ORM) or GraphQL, then your system is likely susceptible to the N+1 problem. But did you know that not all databases are susceptible to the N+1 problem? For example, SQLite doesn't experience the N+1 problem.

Introduction to local-first applications

When starting a new software project, while many default to client/server architecture, it's essential to remember there are other architectural choices to consider.